Omni Replacement Cushion Set


  • Corded Edges – All Seams are sewn in with paper cording, which ensures that seams won’t split during the life of you’re table. (Unlike other Omni Replacement Cushion knockoffs.)

  • High-Quality Vinyl – All vinyl is premium Boltaflex. (Only exception is special requests) For special requested material Call 866-913-INMO(4666) or submit a contact form for a quote.

  • Double Layered Foam – Top layer of 1” low-density foam, with a bottom layer of 1-1/2’“High-density rebound foam. This allows for the patient to sink just enough to stay in place and the needed firmness for adjustments.

  • Dust Covered Rear Panel – The underside of each piece of upholstery is covered with a dust cover, and finished with tack strip. The tack strip Protects the edges of the vinyl from pealing/Fraying Increasing the life of your cushion set.


Black Upholstery Only