Our Mission Statement

At INMO Manufacturing, our mission is to provide fellow chiropractors with adjusting tables that are built to be unmatched in quality, versatility, adaptability, and sheer strength.

INMO Manufacturing:

Owned by Chiropractors for Chiropractors

The Genuine Original OMNI Chiropractic Table is now under new ownership and management.

INMO Manufacturing was developed by a group of veteran chiropractors who all believe the OMNI chiropractic table is the best chiropractic adjusting table on the

INMO Manufacturing is proud to now offer the Genuine Original OMNI Chiropractic table to chiropractors all around the world.

OMNI Chiropractic Tables are built 100% in-house by the same family of craftsmen at INMO Manufacturing in Ashland, KY.

This allows us to oversee the entire production process and maintain the highest level of quality control.

We take the time and select only the highest quality components to provide you with a chiropractic table that will give you years of maintenance-free operation and always be there to help your practice grow.

Each OMNI table is cut, welded, and finished in-house. This allows INMO Manufacturing to provide the strongest, most durable chiropractic tables available.

Check out our video to learn more about INMO Manufacturing.